The Warrior

warrior1eUpon the fields of Amon-Ravu there is much death and suffering. There is the screeching clang of metal striking metal. Screams of agony. Howls of victory. All can be heard for miles around and all sane folk would do well to turn and flee. And the stench of death is everywhere. For on hte fields of Amon-Ravu a fiersome battle rages.

The hordes of the north clashed here with the first battalion of our lord bAdvibe two days ago. The battle rages on. How quickly it would have finished were it not for demon kinds uncanny ability to re-vitalise their broken bodies and rejoin the fight. But now the end appears to be in-site. It is clear now that bAdvibe has lost this day. His forces are ragged and the horns sound the retreat with a voice of thunder.

But for the Ellenvera there is no retreat. She hears the horns pierce the din of the battlefield but knows that she will die this day. Her soul will be consumed by her enemies and this knowledge gives her tired limbs new strength. She will not give up lightly. She is a queen amongst her kind. She will show these vermin such death and misery before they take her that songs will be sung of her forever more.

Death to the demon horde. Death to all….