The Journey

Rubus was unable to walk. Struck down by the great plague of seventh year of The road was long but there was no choice. It was the only way...Maradi, he was a lucky survivor. Except that the cost was high, for both of his legs were sawn off  in brutal surgery to prevent the blood poisoning spreading through his body. After the plague, no one had time for Rubus. He was cast aside, a burden his society hoped to forget. He sought refuge in the Norn plains of Asgan, tortuously dragging his broken body to the bleak and barren flats. It was there he met Aku the hill troll.

Aku had lost his sight. It was only a matter of time before he died. A misplaced step leading to a broken leg, maybe starvation or perhaps a hungry predator. For this was a harsh land where the weak perished.

Rubus saw a solution to both their problems. He would be the eyes of Aku and Aku the legs of Rubus. Now they are as one symbiotic being. They are never far apart. Their strange relationship brought them fame. People travelled many miles to seek their council, believing them to be disciples of the holy god Orstentu.

Now they travel north. The long journey to the mountain kingdom of the Gorths. But on what business? None yet know….