The End

elfwarrior2aShe had travelled far to reach this place. And now here at the end of her journey was nothing but ruin and despair.

For months she had followed the trail to the fabled lands of the Amaar where she had hoped to find asylum. She had hoped to find peace and rest from the hardships of the sundered land. all her life she had known nothing but war and fighting and suffering and death. No more she thought. So when she found a map to the lands of the Amaar, said to be beyond the reach of the demon hordes she had quickly made plans.

The way had been hard. She had fought and killed many to reach this place and now here she was at last. And she stared about her in despair for there was nought here but death and decay. And she knew then as she stood amongst the ruins that there was no going back. This was the end. Here she would lay down her sword and accept death. Finally there was an end.