Out Here We Are

outhereweareWe are fatigued with your presence. We cannot take much more of the tormaent. We are a most placid and benign species and we wither and die as a flower without sunlight or water. We are fatigued. We cannot endure. Yet we know you cannot leave us. We are doomed!

We live between worlds in the spaces between atoms and there our existence was sublime. We had found our utopia and we were content. It was without warnng that the land in which you dwell was sundered and fell into our continuum. Now our existence is filled with the pain and suffering of your world. The noise! Oh the noise that spills forth from your realm is unbearable. We cannot endure the chaos and malevolance that eminates and permeates our space.

Our people die. They cannot cope with the change. We seek exile but where can we go? We are doomed….