Little Devil

imageIt just wasn’t the same. In the golden age of Dul-Raya there was sunshine, there were fountains and the sound of children playing in the sun. But now it is so very different. A shadow hangs over everything and whereas the pigeons of yore were often just a nuisance it was nothing compared to this new breed of pigeon.

Of course it is no pigeon but indeed an imp that drives the citizens of Dul-Raya to madness these days. Pigeons were trivial. I mean so what if you couldn’t eat your lunch without a crowd of the f****ng things begging you for a slice of what was yours. No, sadly the pigeons of old were eaten by their successors years ago. Imps rule the skies of Dul-Raya these days.

No one complains about pigeons anymore. I mean rarely did pigeons attack pedestrians with the sole aim of removing an eye or a finger or two for their lunch. Oh no. Pigeons ate crumbs. Imps eat body parts and they aren’t at all concerned whether or not the part is still attached to the body. Indeed there is a perverse competition amongst them to see which body part they can obtain.

Luckily imps are not much bigger than the pigeons they ate and they are too selfish and distrusting of one another to attack in collaboration thus the citizens are usually spared death. A quick sprint across the Square of Saints for instance is likely to result in perhaps no more than the loss of a finger afterall. But the inconvenience is intollerable nonetheless.

The committe to clean up the skies and rid Dul-Araya of this pest was eaten by the militia last month and their souls offered to the Great Demon. So I guess that for the time being, until another committee is formed, we must learn to live with the threat.

If you are interested in applying for a new committe position, please sign up at the Great Library where we have posted an application form obtainable from the desk clerk.

Until then, however the threat will go unabated. Probably for some time to come….