InterfaceMeanwhile many worlds away a scientist works day and night on his Big Idea. He believes that he can integrate his mind with that of his computer and by doing so expand his consciousness across a vast digital network that consists of millions of thoughts and ideas that are maintained through a distributed computing system. A system that is almost as organic as the body he wishes to escape from.

And he is successful. His mind soars the digital high seas while his body sits motionless in a chair a thousand miles away. He is ecstatic. He is delerious with the power and freedom of the mind. Vast planes of consciousness open before him and he is almost overwhelmed. But then he hears it. A nagging sensation that something is wrong. He pretends to ignore it but it becomes ever more persistent. His mind is filling with dread and he dare not look to see what it is. But he knows now that he cannot resist forever this rhythmic pounding of what he knows in his heart to be fear itself.

He has freed his mind of the physical body and found in the void the sound of the doomritual echoing out across the multiverse. He knows implicitly its meaning. He knows for whom it is intended. He feels the eyes of the demon upon him and he despairs. His mind for a brief instant beholds terror incarnate before it is torn apart.

He sits now in his chair. Nothing more than a vacant husk of flesh. A helpless drooling idiot while his mind flees this way and that in a storm of electrical currents and he knows nothing now save that his soul is lost.