On the Nature of Demons

ArchivistIn the words of our demon master bAdvibe, Himself…

“….demons, like all things, contain the divine spark. They are a part of the whole, a part of the natural order of things. With one difference. They were never an intentional part of the design.

“When God created the universe, fear was in his heart. This truth is written and known to you already my brethren. Thus it was through fear that the Eternal Fires and my kind were born. Fear nurtures us, sustains us and gives birth to us. And in turn we exude fear. We are the embodiment of it, giving it form and meaning.

“Now I shall tell you a secret my children. Do you wish to rid your world of demonkind? Do you wish to banish us forever? Then I shall tell you how easy it is. Simply do not fear and we shall wither and die. Remember that as you stand before me. In the instant before I devour your quivering soul, simply do not fear.”