I am the Way

ArchivistBeware false prophets that would tell you of an afterlife in which you can expect to live in perfect bliss and harmony with a sympathetic god. There is no such thing!

After death there is oblivion. God does not care for your mortal soul. Think about it. Why should a God, capable of creating a universe in all its intricate diversity and complexity, be concerned if one tiny soul fails to follow some aritrary rule book written in an ancient and suspect text and, as a consequence, not be saved?

Be assured, I am the Way.

You want Eternal Life? Then join me. Offer your soul unto me and you shall serve me for an Eternity. I shall add you to the ranks of my armies and we shall march victorious across the world. And should you die in battle I shall resurrect you and thus you shall live forever to fight my wars over and over until the end of time. Amen!