ArchivistFear! My favourite subject! How I love the smell of it, the taste of it in the minds of mortal men. How I marvel at their futile efforts to protect themselves from it, for they seem not to understand that fear perpetuates itself. Fear feeds off fear. They build barriers to guard against it – bigger armies, deadlier weapons. Media propaganda soothes their troubled minds; there is nothing to fear, we are in control….

But there is something to fear. Surveillance cameras track peoples’ movements. People are taken and locked up without evidence: merely a ‘suspicion’ or fear of subversive behaviour is sufficient justification. Curfews are introduced in the name of ‘protecting’ the people. And what does this achieve? Why more fear of course.

These ‘protection methods’ merely serve to subjugate innocent people reinforcing the notion that there is something to fear. Paranoia builds. Within a short space of time a police state emerges. In truth it is the people who lose their liberty as they lose their trust. They gain fear. Thus fear builds on fear.

And I thrive on it…