You may have seen the little pop-up window on your latest visit that asks if you accept cookies or not. This is so that the site complies with the latest useless EU directive which says websites must give users a choice on whether to accept cookies or not.

So what’s a cookie? It’s a small file that the website puts on your PC via your web browser. The file is used to record information to enhance your experience of the site, such as user preferences. Some cookies may collect information about the sorts of pages or activities you perform on the site, this is allegedly useful in identifying trends in how the site is used. Doomritual makes no conscious use of such information even though it may very well be collected.

Doomritual is built on a popular content management system known as WordPress. Any cookies deployed via this site are from the WordPress system or one of its plugins (some of which are 3rd party) and are assumed to be critical to the sites functionality. To the best of my knowledge they are not malicious. But who knows. Really.